Wamae Mureithi and Associates has fully developed policies in the following areas;

  • General Employment Policy
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Customer Services Policy
  • Environmental Policy

IT Capability

Wamae Mureithi and Associates has adopted the use of technology in almost all areas of its operations.

Field inspection is basically paperless where WMA uses a mobile phone based field inspection custom made application. This is capable of capturing all asset details including photographs and measurements. This information is relayed real-time to the office through a cloud server. Information received in the office is processed using a customized data management software that has the capacity to generate report ready for final editing.

Wamae Mureithi and Associates uses custom-built Information Management System to manage it's office activity processes end-to-end. This system tracks all stages of valuation from
receipt to dispatch, keeping track of valuers and researchers assigned, stages completed, costs and time taken to ensure timely completion and cost-effective delivery. The system helps identify and deal with bottlenecks in the valuation process as well as appraise individual performance of members of staff. It also provides an electronic archive of all jobs done, making it easy to access past records. The system is constantly being upgraded to stay at per with today's exacting industry standards.

Rapid Mobilization

Wamae Mureithi & Associates has a fleet of three (3) motor vehicles at the moment thus making simultaneous mobilization quite easy. Arrangements are also in place with a car-hire firm just in case more vehicles may be needed.


Wamae Mureithi and Associates believes that valuation and property consultancy in general is an evolving profession and thus maintains a healthy library as a tool of quick reference on
issues relating to the valuation, property consultancy and project management basically in the following form:

  1. Professional text books
  2. Relevant legal statutes
  3. Papers Presented in various international conferences
  4. International Valuation Standards; Royal Institute Of Chartered Surveyors Standards manual; International Financial Reporting Standards Manual; The Blue Book by ISK and other standards from EU, Australia, Canada and USA.
  5. Internet downloads of academic papers in relevant and specific areas as published in reputable international journals.

Firm's Fees Policy

Until further direction by the relevant minister, our fees are based on the Valuers Act Cap 532 Third Schedule gazette notice published on 22nd July 2011 as legal notice No. 92. Travelling charges are based on a rate per km and other disbursements are charged "at cost". The fees are subject to the statutory VAT currently at 16%.