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Our Services

Wamae Mureithi and Associates specialises in the following areas:-

  1. Valuation of properties, land and buildings including plants, machinery, furniture, fittings and office equipment for purposes of Mortgage, debenture holdings, forced sale, insurance, book purposes, among others. We also carry out valuations for rental assessment, bail and litigation purposes.
  2. Property development Consultancy which includes advising on sub-division schemes of vacant land, advising on costs and potentiality of housing development schemes; and appropriate housing designs that would attract the intended clientele.
  3. Project management where we are involved in coordinating the various professional teams for a project, contractors and the developers to ensure smooth progress of a project from inception to completion, letting or selling stage.
  4. Property Agency basically involving selling, letting and management of properties at a commission.
  5. Feasibility Studies of landed development projects.
  6. Land Resource Management where we advise the clients on the viability of their land resource holding in relationship to their latent unexploited potential, future land resource requirements for expanded operations e.t.c. We also advise on ways of dealing with land or housing; units deemed in excess or a liability to an existing operation so as to achieve maximum benefit from the land resource.